Sunday, February 06, 2005


"The Elusive Mister Carter" by Wes Aldridge

Due to the recent SuperBowl sadness, our regularly scheduling posting will come from the archives tonight. Mr. McNabb didn't pull through for us and Mr. Brady walked away with another win, boring, I know. Thanks Eagles.

Anyway, I ran into the elusive Mister Carter tonight during the StooperBowl viewing. It reminded me of this shot from the studio at EMI Publishing. The boys from Thaxton Ward were cutting new tracks that night. Andres was laying down a drum track and the others had a little game of Texas Hold'em going on.

Here Carter is dropped out of focus at f/2.8. I think the shot is killer. I used a 16mm and got that great distortion where the poker chip is bigger than he is. Its solid. Enjoy.

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