Friday, September 16, 2005

Farewell, Friend

"Catch It!" by Wes Aldridge

This shot is how I would like to remember things: Jarvis with a giant smile catching a waterballoon tossed some 30-feet by his partner during a game portion of our United Way picnic lunch today.

Sadly, after a couple of years, Jarvis is moving on from our company as the Photo Department's (and everyone else's) Go-To- Guy. He was such a gigantic helping hand for everything, whether I was out on the road and needed some quick information when I had no access to the Internet, or doing endless color corrections, Jarvis was always there and willing to help.

More than his work ethic and talent with Adobe Photoshop, he was a fun as hell guy to be around. There was rarely a time when he wasn't cracking me up, or saying "Bet" or asking me, "Where your week at, dawg?" The guy was a true gem with a huge heart and a generally happy disposition.

I knew that the last thing I could do for his tenure at Journal Communications was to get a great shot of him, happy as can be, and share it with everyone.

Farewell, friend, and good luck with being an architect. I bet it sure beats rounding up countless submitted photos from elusive story and photo leads! Thanks a million times over... and, "Where your week at?"