Sunday, April 18, 2010

Model Christina Crawford

It's about 1 a.m. right now. I've been up late tonight working on photo retouches for my new portfolio site that's about to launch. These photos are from a shoot I did at Studio Daylight with one of my favorite models, Christina Crawford. She is a fantastic model and extremely easy to work with.

We went artsy for one look, and did fashion on the second. I like these images because they are both strongly built around color. The first shot combines the deep colors of blues and reds together in a great way. My mentor and friend Michael Gomez actually recommended the color combination to me a while back. I was a bit skeptical at the recommendation at first, but, I pretty much take all advice that Gomez gives me... and I went with it. Really happy with the resulting image. And he was right on the money with it.

The second shot is more of a fashiony feel. It looks like magazine ad work you see in some higher end books. There's almost some sort of a monochromatic feel going on here. I used moody lighting and the neutral colors in this image to create a soft feeling. I like the way the jacket blends with the background. It's somewhat delicate and a little dark. Then, her bright hair and fair skin mixed in with a little blue from her jeans. I think it works together.