Sunday, September 24, 2006

The One

"The Shadow" by Wexx

During one of my assignments in Louisiana, Matt and I picked up this little jewel. It was titled "Black Jesus w/ Cloth Robe." Nothing inside me could have stopped me from making the purchase. You must understand, I am completely intrigued with religious imagery... the more bizarre, the better.

Anyway, Brian and I were here at the illustrious Wexx Studio and he saw the wonderful figurine sitting still neatly boxed. He demanded we take it out. I obliged. Brian grabbed a light and started casting massive shadows from the icon on the wall. He demanded now that I take photographs as he laughed wildly. Honestly, I was uneasy. I had never seen such a disturbed look in his somniferous eyes. He was all sorts of terrifying. He looked right through me, sneezed, and then pelted me with a handful of orange slices.