Sunday, February 27, 2005

And All Was Blue...

"Glass Under Blue Sky" by Wes Aldridge

I was driving down Commerce Street when I looked up and saw this great mirrored building. The glass had several different shades of blues that complemented the tones in the sky behind it. The angles of the building were great and I moved around until I found an angle that really confuses the eye. The geometry of the building enabled my mind to run crazy with the composition concept of leading lines and rule of thirds for this shot. I was pleased to snap a few frames and jump back in the Jeep happy.

I had been listening to A Perfect Circle's 2nd album "Thirteenth Step" before I got out to take a shot. When I cranked the engine again, the CD player spit out these lyrics: "Call it aftermath, she's turning blue. Such a lovely color for you," from the song Blue off the record.

I thought, "Well, if that isn't a sign that I should use this shot for the blog, I don't know what is." These lyrics fit pretty tightly with this shot. They meant a lot to me during some of the tougher times in the not-so-far-removed days of my past. And now, they have had a little resurgence with my art.