Monday, November 14, 2005

On Assignment; El Paso, Texas-Day Six

"Crack Donalds: The A-Bomb" by Wes Aldridge

I was driving around as the sun was setting, trying frantically to get a shot that the client wanted for the magazine. Well, I didn't get it because of circumstances beyond my control. It is what it is.

I did find a nice scenic perch that allowed me to look out over the eastern side of El Paso. There were lights everywhere, a very interesting site. I wanted to take a shot, but a plain and normal shot just seemed too dry. And then... there it was.

Amid all the blinking, sparkling and glittering lights of the city, I see the Golden Arches. I had this crazy idea about how Crack Donalds was somehow the Anti-Christ of Western civilization, akin to a bomb exploding inside those of us that choose to consume its foul, but delightfully greasy, filth.

So, BOOM! Its pretty tiny, but you can see the Arches going off like an Atom Bomb.