Thursday, November 17, 2005

Helping Hand

"B.McCord" by Wes Aldridge

So Brian here is one of our staff photogs. He unfortunately tore his shoulder out of socket a few weeks back and has been out of commission on the photo front since his corrective surgery. He was shooting an assignment for Tennessee Home & Farm magazine today and needed some help holding lights and hauling/moving equipment around because his arm is not 100% again as of yet. So I needed to give a brother a helping hand on this story about a guy that restores old cemeteries. We were testing light when I took this shot of him. The reflection you see of him is in a rain puddle that gathered on the top of one of the grave monuments that the guy had recently restored. We both ended up shooting some incredible shots for this feature because Brian is defintely not a Bag de la and decided us working together was much better than one person hogging the photo spotlight. So, here he is. I think he had been itching to make the blog anyway for a while. Today, it was natural for him to get there.