Saturday, October 22, 2005

Long Day's End

"McGavock Sunset" by Wes Aldridge

I shot a freelance marching band assignment at McGavock High School today... all day. I was shooting directly into the sun the entire time, which made the exposures on the shadowed faces of the particpants pretty difficult, especially with cloud coverage knocking me around 3 f-stops every few minutes. It made the autofocus on my camera not work worth shit. Really need that autofocus when the quota is to shoot at least 100 different photographs of constantly moving people in a span of about 8 minutes. Not easy, but sure is fun. Shooting the marching band competitions is like playing a game at the fair, I think. You figure out the movement patterns, lock in your focal point and push the shutter button second after second as each band member marches by until both of your hands start to cramp... then you do it some more.

After I finished shooting my 24th band (members ranging from 50 to 150) of the day, it was time to download the thousands of shots and get the heck out of there. While I was standing there finishing up, I looked over the tree tops and saw the beautiful sunset. Not much to the shot really, just Nature's majesty.