Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Assignment: Huntsville, Alabama-Day Three

"Framing the Sky" by Wes Aldridge

The winter time is tough for our photo gigs. Many things hinder good shots for our magazines; brown grass, leaveless trees, bitter coldness, etc. But right now, the thing that really is killing us is the shortness of sunlight. It pains me to watch the sun go down at 4:30 p.m. Ha, but such is life!

Today's shot is from a construction site that Brian and I were doing a dual-protrait of a brother team of land developers. The whole time we were shooting, construction workers were busy at work all around us. When we were packing up after the shoot, I looked up and saw this one guy going back and forth on the building's framework. I was down on the ground and caught this neat angle with the guy stopped on the corner for just a few seconds.

I can't explain exactly what it is, but I really like this shot. It was just another part of that worker's day and he didn't see me take the shot. It seemed as if he was framing up the sky instead of the building at that second.