Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tortured and Gone

"Crying Out For Help" by Wes Aldridge

Meet Alexandra Deus. She was standing by Legislative Plaza on the corner of Union Street and 6th Avenue in downtown Nashville with the signs pictured above. She said her son, Stephen Gorday, was a student at Nashville Tech... and that he had been "tortured" there and has now disappeared. She said she hasn't seen him for three months.

She said Gorday was a United States citizen and that she went to all the "available organizations for help, and no one cared." She said she has exercised all her options to help him, so now, she was "just going to stand here" with her signs in protest. "Its all I can do... to take it to the streets," she said.

I am not sure of all the story behind her son, Stephen, but it seems like it might be worth at least looking into by some public media outlet. I wish I had more resources and time to investigate, but I don't. Hopefully someone else will.