Wednesday, October 12, 2005

On Assignment: Lexington, North Carolina-Day Three

"DND Drummer" by Wes Aldridge

The chain of events that lead to the shot.

I did a portrait of a teacher today. She asks if I like Metal. I reply yes. She invites me to go see a band she really likes, her treat. They happen to be opening for Dark New Day, whom I shot last Friday night in Nashville. I walk in with my camera in hand and the girl for DND at the merchandise table says, "hey, I know you." Then the tour manager comes over to me and gives salutation. The rest is merely detail captured with the flicking of a shutter button. After the show, we were invited to come to a private gathering of the bands and tech crews. Pretty nice being able to have cocktails with rockstars.

My birthday turned out to be pretty good, even though I spent it with total strangers. Twenty-five and counting, who knows for how long...