Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thoughts On The Day

This is another look from my shoot with Phil Vassar. I think it's pretty cool and wanted to share it. Let me know if it's cool.

[The writing part of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the photo above. I just always blog a photo and write a bit. So, here's what is on my mind...]

Today was a beautiful day. My mother reminded me how much I adore her, and I'm honored to be the son of such a beautiful woman. She invited a guest to our family Thanksgiving meal. That isn't unusual, because we normally have different sections of extended family members swing through our little white house in Tunnel Hill all day long on Turkey Day. Today, our guest wasn't kin folk, though. This sweet lady was a friend of my mother, and naturally a friend of mine even though I had never met her before.

Mom saw the puzzled look on my face and leaned in to politely let me know that we were her family today. And my heart began to swell. It was a beautiful moment when I realized the measure of love that my mother had shown to someone on such an important day of the year. We welcomed someone to our family today.

I have this out-pouring of love for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations all the time. When I see someone that needs it, I try to supply a helping hand in some way. I'm no patron saint, but maybe momma is. I hope I got a bit of that love inside me. Momma got it from my grandpa. That man was loved by masses of people. He always treated people by the Golden Rule. He would tell me to do that all the time, "Do unto others..." So, I talk to him sometimes, and I did tonight. I told him how proud I was to see mom love someone into our family like that. It probably put a smile on his face.

See, something that my family has always had is real love for one another. Through the thick and the thin, and the ugly fights and the most proud days, we all love each other, unconditionally. It never waivers, we are a family. Today I was happy to be a part of such a loving family. I'm thankful for how blessed I am.