Saturday, August 13, 2005

When Enough is Enough

"Too Much" by Wes Aldridge

Tonight, holy shit, what a fiasco. After a year-and-a-half of nonsense with her, it came to a breaking point. Harassing phone calls in the middle of the night. Well, that happens pretty often from her. Tonight she was calling from someone else's phone. Too much, too much. Then, she ends up on my door step beating on the door. Too much, too much. Then when I open the door and very loudly yell at her to get the fucking hell out of my house, she stays. I call the police and she calls me a pussy. She comes inside my house and starts grabbing hold of me and shoving me. I put my hands up in the sky and stay away from her. Then she runs away and hides in the bushes. I talk to the police again. She runs past me and gets into her car... she had obviously been drinking, which is no problem until you endanger yourself or others by operating an automobile. I get behind the car to get the license plate numbers to give to the police and she backs into me, knowing full and well I was standing there. That is intentional assault, a felony charge. She then speeds off and a police officer pulls her over a few roads from my house where she had the opportunity to wear silver bracelets and sit in the backseat of a patrol unit.

Lets see. We have harassment, trespass/burglary and even assault. Now, it seems I have plenty of reason to file charges, and I have a year to do that under the Tennessee statute of limitations. I filed a police report, very thoroughly and I am considering the next set of options in this matter: Do I press charges on all, some or none of the charges or maybe file a restraining order? Jesus, after a fucking year of torment from the same female I sure as Hell should press for all its worth. I have much thinking to do, much. I can't believe I was put in the position to actually call the police. Tonight, I had the option to file these charges and have her taken downtown to be booked, but as much of an idiot as I am, I give her one more chance to not fuck with my life anymore. One more chance, then I will press all charges. No more toleration in my soul. Bless her heart. One more peep from her or anyone that knows her to me about anything involving her, and she will be a visitor in the Metro jail system of Nashville.

There is only so much a person can take before they say enough. ENOUGH.

Oh yeah, this is a shot of a huge flock of birds on a powerline system in Nashville. A little strange. Time for bed. Too much bullshit for one night.