Wednesday, April 06, 2005

On Assignment: Somerset, Kentucky-Day Two

"USA Fish" by Wes Aldridge

Yes. This was in downtown Somerset. Did you think I could pass up a post like this? Of course not.

Apparently the town has many of these statues hanging around, several in the Somerset Mall. One of my assignments entails documenting them through photography for a feature story. I didn't know about this one, but I sure saw it standing there tall and proud in all its glory.

The weather was garbage and what little sunlight that was available through the cloud-covered sky was on the other side of the beast. I knew I had to wait and shoot him at dusk, which p.s. allowed for no coloration in the sunset. So, I dropped my shutter speed to 1/13th of a second to let some of the ambient light from the street lights in and set my aperture to f/6.3 to let the right amount of flash and depth of field for this one. I used my 16-35mm lens for that ultra-wide distortion of the fish.

Anyway, what a patriot!