Friday, December 23, 2005

A Christmas in Pink

"Ornamental Delight" by Wes Aldridge

Tonight, there was a search for a piece of Christmas. I wanted to find one, mind you, not one in a traditional sense. Well, in my own humble opinion, I think I hit the mother load. A merry group of shooters were romping around a mall and we wondered into a store that boasted of being very "metrosexual." This was the ticket, I knew it. We had walked around the mall for an eternity and I found nothing to shoot.

I looked to the far side of the store and saw a half-size pink Christmas tree with a spotlight on it. I instantly felt blessed. I walked toward it and when I got closer I noticed the strange little ornaments that adorned it. Yup, it was a gay Christmas tree. I am sure some people find it ironic and offensive on many levels, but it was perfect to me. I focused in on a little mer-man figurine. He had on the cool shades with his hand cocked on his hip with attitude. Even his little mer-man tail was crooked and stereotypical of, well, you know. This little ornament could only have been better if it had a comb-over mohawk to boot. I took two frames and it was finished. I had captured a little different kind of piece of Christmas tonight and I was very merry.