Thursday, July 28, 2005

J.J. Goes GQ

"The Man" by Wes Aldridge

Once again, Mr. Johnson made it up here. I was shooting something in the studio today and after I was finished, I looked at Jarvis and said, "Come on over here buddy."

Jarvis has grown quite accustomed to being a photo subject for our photographers in the office. He had no problem with jumping in front of the lens and strobes for a fun little shoot.

His reaction, "Damn! I'm lookin' GQ!" Well, I like it too, Jarvis.

I shot a White Lightning strobe aboue 3-feet away from a seamless black paper backdrop with a red gel filter taped over a spill guard to give it that nice round, red gradient. I also shot him with a softbox on another White Lightning at a 45-degree angle from the front to give him that hard shadow. I also made the softbox parallel to his glasses to give them that filled out look from the softbox. I shot the shot at ISO 100 with a 1/200th of a second shutter speed to block out the ambient light in the room at f/4.5.