Monday, May 16, 2005

Food Shootin'

"Sushi Time" by Wes Aldridge

Today, some of the fellas from photo decided to have lunch out in Cool Springs. We tried the Canton Super Buffet, but strangely enough, Chinese restaurants seem to be closed on Mondays. Don't ask, we had no idea why. But the sweet thought of Oriental cuisine kept fresh on our minds, and taste buds. So, to get our fix, we took a trip to Omikashi to enjoy their sushi buffet lunch. And yes, we very much enjoyed it.

Lunch inspired me. I decided to go grab some props tonight and do a little food shot of some sushi rolls. I bought the nifty little plate from the Pottery Barn, the chopsticks from Pier 1 Imports and the sushi from good ol' Kroger. I spent a little over $20 on the items for the shot and think they were well worth it. I figured I could use these for some stock photos with the possiblity of selling them to potential clients.

I turned my kitchen into a psuedo studio. I used a chair bottom to act as a table to shoot on. I sat up my 550EX E-TTL flash on a light stand and shot it into an umbrella to spread the light over the great little rolls. I ended up shooting the shot at 1/100th of a second at f/4.5 with an ISO of 100.