Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Brothers' Find

"The Plant" by Wes Aldridge

Tonight was great. After spending time with the family today for my father's birthday, I needed a blog shot.

I asked my brother to go on a search with me. We drove around our county for hours searching for a shot with little luck. I didn't mind because I wanted to hang out with him more than I was even worried with finding a cool shot to post. After driving forever, we found our way back to Tunnel Hill. We went down by the old namesake train tunnels that give the city its name, and my brother said, "That chicken feed plant looks kind of creepy." What the hell, lets give it a look, I thought. After setting up the tripod and taking a couple of shots, I knew he was right because it was looking pretty cool. I think the exposure was something around 30 seconds at f/4.5 at ISO 100.

We ended up screwing around for an hour down there with my off camera flash, popping it on my face to make multiple images of me in the shot. It was really fun and looked kind of evil, but a little too cheezy for me to post. The bottom line was we were having a great time coming up with ideas to mess around with the shot. Its times like this one that make me wish I was in Atlanta hanging out with him everyday. We are two pretty creative guys that definetly don't mind stepping "outside the box," regardless of what others think. And I think his new Mohawk hairstyle is testament enough for that.