Tuesday, July 04, 2006

On Assignment: Corpus Christi... goddamn what a bummer

"Hunger Flight" by Wes Aldridge

Ok, so I am feeling like I have finally started hitting a groove again. Things, as I have previously said, have been kind of screwy in my world here lately. With that dominant in my mind, I figured I should do the one thing that I am good at... find a picture.

You can't understand the difficulty of my assignment this week unless you are a PR photographer. I have a magazine worth of exterior photography to do, but the weather doesn't clear up until several days after I leave. I have two options here: 1.) give up and accept certain defeat or 2.) give it everything I have and become innovative and bring new styles of shots to the doomed magazine. Bob, I think I will take number two.

The weather was disgusting today, but I NEEDED a shot to soothe my soul. I just thought about all my friends and family and co-workers that would be enjoying their 4th of July together and it made me sad because I was in an east Texas town beating my head in for an assignment that I knew the weather wasn't going to be reasonable. But, I wanted to make the best of it. Michael and I went to the beach front because I wanted to get a shot that I had seen in Geographic some time ago. I mounted my TTL flash and dropped my shutter speed and started firing at a young girl feeding seagulls bread on the seashell crusted sand. I think I caught one that I liked. It has a tone of something surreal, just what I was hoping for.

Note the flock of seagulls scrambling for the tossed piece of bread in the top corner.