Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Long Drive

"Just About Home" by Wes Aldridge

Today is now officially over. I spent seven hours driving from Lancaster, Ohio, to Nashville, Tennessee. Then, I spent two and a half more hours driving from Nashville to Tunnel Hill, Ga. It was a grueling day, but I had plenty of RockSTAR energy drinks to keep me going.

This shot is from when I had almost met my breaking point. I was getting close to Tunnel Hill, deliriously tired, and I see the sky starting to change color in my rearview. I wanted to capture the moment but I didn't have time to stop and shoot. So, I did what any safe and upstanding photographer would do... I wrapped the strap to my camera tightly around my wrist and pushed the button to open the sunroof. And yes, I was "that guy" sticking the camera out in heavy traffic to get a little glimpse of the road I had burned down all day long.

There wasn't much to this shot other than luck for composition. I guess-timated the light metering for the sunset and hoped for an alright shot. It was a relief. I guess it made everything a little better having something wonderful to look forward to once I got back home.