Friday, May 20, 2005

On Assignment: Cannon Beach, Oregon-Day One

"Haystack Rock" by Wes Aldridge

I was 2,468 miles from Nashville and I felt perfectly at home tonight. I stood on Cannon Beach and stared at Haystack Rock as the sun was melting into the horizon. It was the perfect close to a long day of traveling. After seven hours of flying and around four hours of driving, I needed a little bliss to wrap this long one up. I had been awake since 5:30 a.m. Nashville time (gotta love 7 a.m. flights) and it is approaching the 24 hour marker.

This assignment is going to be a ruff one, I think. A day's worth of shooting in Eugene, Oregon, tomorrow, followed by a day in Vancouver, Washington, then on to the magazine shoot for five days in Cowlitz County, Washington. Lots to shoot, hopefully enough time to work with. Besides the present stress of several hardcore days of shooting, I am in a beautiful place. I had never seen the Pacific Northwest until today. And I must say it is divine. So wonderful how rainshowers over shadow the timberline and vanish as quickly as they appear. The weather is strange here, almost unpredictable. It will just add to the excitement of the hunt to find my shots for this assignment.

Now that the two RockSTAR energy drinks have worn off and my adrenal gland has been sucked dry, my body now demands sleep. For once, I will heed its call.