Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Reading

"Still Remains" by WExX

This shot, I love. I was illustrating a story about a town that is showing growth. The gentleman in the photo wrote a book about a military base in the town that was deconstructed. The only remains of the base are the two brick pillars in the photo. I thought having him in this moody setting, reading his book, was very appropriate.

I caught the sunset in the background and put some spotlights on him in the shot. It evokes strong visual imagery to me. It shows the industrial building of the community with the radio tower and power lines in the background while still showing the stillness of the remains of the base.

It works for me.

The art is now flowing through me. I have been shooting more strongly and even writing in collaboration with an anonymous artist for a book we hope to release in the future. Things are growing, changing and forming into true art. It really has been beneficial to rid my life of former negative surroundings and energy. Now, my mind has been able to truly blossom and explore my art forms.

Life is beautiful and I am ecstatic about the recent positive additions to it.

This photo is strongly inspired by a short story by Ray Bradbury titled, "There Will Come Soft Rains." If you know it, you can understand the isolation of this photo. If you are unfamiliar, please read it here:

I don't usually promote things on my photoblog, but this story is too important to not mention. I still remember it after reading it in an 8th grade English class, and it has stuck with me. Amazing.