Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Portrait

Hello everyone, meet beautiful Madalene Houchin. She wanted a portrait for her mother. We ended up shooting at Centennial Park off West End Avenue and also decided to use the Tennessee State Capital building (both in Nashville, Tennessee) for another backdrop.

Ok, there are plenty of flowers blooming at Centennial Park, so that location was obvious. But, why the Captial building, you ask?


Madalene is the Landscape Architect for Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen. Pretty fancy, huh? If you need an excellent professional assessment of your landscaping needs, please feel free to email her at:

She is obviously a top-notch professional, so, keep her in mind for any upcoming outdoor aesthetic needs you may have.

So, this shot isn't the one we gave to her dear ol' mom, because it obviously drifted more toward "HOTT" than "SWEET." It was actually shot on the steps of the War Memorial with the Capital in the background. But, I have already been informed it was going straight to her Facebook profile as soon as she gets home!

I think she likes it.