Thursday, August 31, 2006

One With Nature

"Doe" by Wes Aldridge

"Buck" by Wes Aldridge

The heavy cloud coverage blowing in from the hurricanes off the coast haven't allowed for much sunlight to do nice exterior shooting on this seasonal romp. But, sun aside, here are a couple of nice ones I snagged today.

These photos make me think about the folks that hunt and kill these beautiful creatures for sport. I can't understand it, sorry hunters. I mean I felt a connection with the buck and doe when I took these photos. It was late in the day and they were grazing in this field. I myself was a little hungry for dinner too. I stood there and got within 20 yards of the two. They didn't mind me being there because I wasn't firing a huge gun at them. I was simply going about my business admiring their beauty and they were having some grub. I would snap a frame and the shutter would break the silence and catch their attention, not startle them, but they would just look at me as if they were saying "cheese" for the camera. It was all-in-all a very harmonious encounter.

Bear E Goes To Play

"Bear E" by Wes Aldridge

Well, this one was a little too raw for most, so yeah, here's an edit.

Bear E big. Bear E strong. Bear E crazy. Bear E wild. Bear E like salsa. Bear E like cerveza. Bear E no like Joker. Bear E no like MACE.

Still funny, just not as insane.