Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sitting Sail

"Docked" by Wexx

It is a great tragedy, of course I mean this trip. Marquette, Michigan, such a wonderful place. I can envision the scenic photography that my light capturing box should be recording, but alas, suck-ass weather keeps it snuggly-tucked away in its carrying case. Why, why must you do this to me, I ask? The torture of my mind seeing beautiful photographs that are impossible to collect upon.

I shot this one anyway. Its simple, a sailboat docked for the winter. But, I didn't let a lack of sunshine kill it out. Screw it, I did the unthinkable... I used PhotoShop to tone the hell out of this one. It came from the camera looking like a mega-turd that Andy Rooney would spat lousy commentary about. But, by God, I tried to make it look like a dream. Be it a dream or not, I did my best. And what else can you ask of a man, other than his absolute greatest devotion to a cause, even if that cause is photography? Nothing, I say, nothing. So be it.

And this might just become the IMAGES of Marquette magazine cover.

Well, this one came straight from one of the two hotel pubs I am staying at. The server was beautiful, and sweet. She invited me to the next joint since the taps close early here tonight. I took the ticket and I would be a fool not to go along for the ride, right? Yessir, think I will join in the fun... Hunter would.


"Eye-talian" by Wexx

Well, I rarely post food shots, but I like this one. I don't think its a master work or anything like that, but it was a breath of fresh air for me.

I went to this restaurant to do the shot at about 8:30 p.m. tonight and worked on it until 10:30 p.m. I shot it all kinds of different ways, but I like this one the best I used two umbrella lights off to the sides of the table and let in massive amounts of ambient light with about a 20-second long exposure. The most fun part of it was light painting with a cheap-ass flashlight and a cylinder of paper wrapped around it to limit light from spilling all over the scene. You really can't tell a big difference with the light painting, but I had an incredibly fun time being super meticulous with it.

I needed to do something like this assignment. I was about to my wits end with photography, to be honest. My creativity and passion is just kinda fading or something. I can't let that happen. Gotta keep on going with it. I think my assignments have just been pretty ruff here lately and really gotten me down. But, I can't let it overcome me. This one was just a normal, monotonous assignment that I said, "fuck it," and made an interesting time for myself.