Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On Assignment: Lexington, North Carolina-Day Two

"Another Beautiful Day" by Wes Aldridge

Before anyone comments about this not being my usual delicate touch of nice photography, let me explain.

This shot encapsulates what was my day: dark, dreary and raining. The wet ground and gray skies have been present for two days now. The only thing really missing in this shot is the rain and frustrations of trying to get in touch with all of my assignment contacts. And lets just say that this single frame is the only one I have snapped of any exterior photography. The forecast doesn't look much better for the rest of my time here in Lexington. But, you know, I have Hope. I know I will get all my assignments done one way or another, and I fear not. I shot a magazine in New York in the dead of winter with four-and-a-half feet of snow on the ground and it turned out just fine. A little rain? Ah, no problem.

Let's hit the hay, lots to do tomorrow.