Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Yo quiero... Chongo?

"La Chihuahua" by Wes Aldridge

Everyone, meet Chongo. He made an appearance at the studio to help do a product shot of some locally manufactured doggie treats. Chongo is the 6-year old Chihuahua of one of my fellow staff photographers, Brian.

The dog really rocked and was pretty cooperative with the shoot, after we went through the proper channels talking to his manager. Chongo was pretty demanding during the shoot. He wanted 75 green M&M's in his doggie bowl, which was trimmed in gold. That was a pretty standard request from most of our clientele, so we had plenty of greens around. He wanted the four latest issues of PAW, a pretty risque skin-mag in the canine world that had a Lassie centerfold. We sent the intern out for those while we were setting up the lights. The most demanding request he had was for a bottle of Opus One Mondavi, a fine merlot from California in the Sanoma Valley. At $220 per bottle, that was a little difficult to find and it stretched our budget for the shoot a little farther than we had planned.

But, as this shot shows, Chongo was a happy camper and so were we to see this cute little doggie and the bag of treats looking good in this shot.