Thursday, February 03, 2005

Lamps, Grass and Concrete

"Landing Lights" by Wes Aldridge

For not much more than some lamps, grass and concrete, I think this shot is interesting. One of the strongest tools in a photographers repertoire is the ability to distinguish important and visually appealing patterns. Another tool, of course, is the Rule of Thirds.

In this shot, the line of lamps lead your eyes off into the distance where some lights shine in the night sky. The circular patterns of light and shadow seem to blend the cold harshness of concrete with the warmth and life of the grass beside it. When I saw this scene, it seemed to invite me to walk down the pathway, so I wanted to capture it because it spoke to me.

The location of the shot was at the park and riverside landing by the Coliseum across the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville. ISO was set to 100 with a 1/5th of a second shutter speed with aperture at f/3.0 at a focal length of 28mm, on a tripod of course.