Thursday, April 12, 2007

Colorado Assignment: The Postlude

"M1" by WExX

"M2" by WExX

This was the fun stuff. I owed lovely Michele these portraits for a long, long time... since before she left NashVegas for Denver. As luck would have it, my last assignment lined me up with her perfectly.

We finished up the magazine shoot and decided it was time to hunt for a costume. I had this dream a long time ago that had to do with her, and a rain slicker and candy circus peanuts. And these are the shots that actually came to fruition. Don't ask about the bananas, I can't really explain those. All I know, most of my personal portaits are somehow related to fruit as of late.

The first shot is from the top of Lookout Mountain, just outside Denver. On a clear night, you can see the city lights glowing in the distance past the trees. Not the case on the night of this portrait. It was about 19-degrees and snowing. But, the weather or the herd of mule deer blocking the icy mountain road didn't stop this one. And I love it... singing into the banana like a microphone. Right on.

The next shot was all about true friendship between a few people. It was taken around the midnight hours the same night, in the elevator of my hotel. It was mirrored and wonderful. There was no way to stop the elevator without arousing the interest of hotel security, so we rode the sucker up and down for what seemed about two hours to get the shot. It was hilarious to see the faces on drunken hotel guests stepping onto an elevator with a girl in a hula-house costume and light stands and all sort of camera gear in the middle of the night. I enjoy the shot, but it wasn't how I had originally envisioned it. I think it really works well anyway.