Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Reflections on the Parthenon

"Grecian Midnight" by Wes Aldridge

I have been to the Parthenon many times to do photographs, but never at midnight. Most of the time I end up shooting children feeding ducks and geese or old men fishing in the pool, but this time I rode the cliche and actually shot the building itself.

It was another interesting time with cops. It seems like everytime I want to shoot a Nashville landmark of some sort, that a cop comes and hassles me about the park being closed, where ever I happen to be.

I assume this harrassment has something to do with the heightened level of terrorist fears floating around the city. I don't want to cause any chaos at these places... I just want to take a photograph or two.

Anyway, here is the Parthenon at midnight. Look hard and long at this shot, because you know, you probably won't get to see it in person without being harrassed by some cops trying to run you out of the closed park.