Sunday, June 12, 2005

Locked In

"On the Fence" by Wes Aldridge

Ah, locked in and on the fence. Sometimes, don't we all just feel like that? Yes, sometimes we do. We feel like we have reached some momentous place in our existence only to have our present reality really start pressing down on us. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

Do you feel the pull? Do you feel that small tug at your conscience? Are you aware of who you are and where you are at this very point in time? Have you realized your Purpose? Do you have a Purpose? Does your Purpose enhance the Purpose of others? Can others see your Purpose? Have you reached nirvana? Do you want to reach nirvana? Does does the prospect of reaching nirvana scare you? Could you embrace it once it finds you, or would you turn and run away? Do you feel The Power? Does The Power feel you? Is it aware of your existence? Does it make your current reality simply an empty void? Are you content standing in that void? Is the void where you belong and are you content standing in it? Should you try to fill it up and make it whole and new again? Could you stare into the void and jump through it?

Or are you locked in to never reaching that point? I think I am embracing it and learning, maybe even feeling my way through it. I hope you are too.