Tuesday, May 17, 2005

27 Neons

"Hollywood Lights" by Wes Aldridge

While I was driving to Jersey Mike's Sub Shop to grab a #13 Boss-style for dinner, I caught a glimpse of the Regal Cinemas Hollywood 27 movie theater neons. I shot this before early on in this project but used a shot of the neons from the marquee reflected in a car window. So, in essence, this is the same location with a totally different view point. I think it is one of the most interesting movie theaters that I have ever been to and totally worth shooting multiple times. There are just so many different ways it can be looked at from different angles.

It was almost last light and the sky hadn't turned black yet, so I decided, this was my shot. There is just something about seeing neons against a dusk filled sky. I guess I have truly fallen in love with neon signs now because I seem to shoot them more and more often.