Friday, March 03, 2006


"Rushmore" by Wes Aldridge

First and foremost, happy birthday mother! Hope your day finds you well.

The assignment in Gillette was finished. Only one thing left to do... Mount Rushmore. Mike and I loaded up and headed out before God was awake this morning. 3 a.m. is the earliest I have ever risen for a shot, and it was very ruff. I knew I wouldn't get back to Nashville until 10:30 p.m., but armed with true-grit, determination and a 24-ounce RockStar energy drink I was willing to stare the beast in the eyes and get the shot, come hell or high water. I wanted to be there for first light and witness the amazing reddish tone that makes mere rocks etched with men's faces come alive above misty mountain valleys in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

We made it, and I think the juice was worth the squeeze.