Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Four More Years, sigh...

"G'Day G.W." by Wes Aldridge

With the presidential inauguration approaching on Thursday, I thought I would get into the spirit of political speech and share this shot with everyone. This was from a protest when Bush II made a campaign stop in Republican Hell, or Nashville as some call it, for a fundraiser on Tyne Avenue. I thought it was a very telling shot and figured, what the heck, what better time to showcase it than right before an inauguration?

As I guess you can tell, these people weren't in support of Mr. Bush's money making efforts in Music City. They lined one side of the road as W. supports lined the other side.

The look on the lady's face in the foreground tells her story pretty well. Add the message of the sign and the person in the background giving a peace sign, and then you are pretty much dropped into the scenario with a pretty good feel for it.

Four more years, sigh...