Monday, January 24, 2005

Warm Sky, Cold Weather

"January's Full Moon" by Wes Aldridge

First, I apologize to all of you that are sick of seeing my Nashville skyline shots, but I think this one is worth it. I was paying an electric bill at Nashville Electric Service and when I came out, this is what I saw in the sky. Notice the tones on the buildings. That means the reflections are of the sunset in front of them. So, that big ball of light in the sky is January's full moon. I couldn't pass it up. I only had minutes to frantically search for a vantage point that I have never shot from before I lost last light and the shot would have lost all warm and vibrant tone... I found it.

The colors were amazingly warm.

Warm is a key word right now. I decided I needed this shot to remind me how warm it is in this city. I leave for New York on assignment tomorrow and the highs are in the mid teens with lows down to a whopping -10, not including wind chill factor. The weekend blizzard left about 2 feet of snow I have to deal with, with even deeper drifts, but I am excited because I have looked forward to a challenge like this. I even get the chance for one of the features in the magazine to be a photo essay of Colonial architecture that I will be shooting. Time to see what I can do.