Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Dance with the Spins

"Bent and Twisted" by Wes Aldridge

This shot is from Demonbreun St. hotspot and Nashville-favorite bar, The Tin Roof. I was bone dry sober when I snapped this one, just watching (or as someone I know calls it "stalking") the mindlessly ripped and belligerent plastered 20-somethings have a grand ol' time drinking the night away. I saw this girl swaying back and forth, spilling her glass of beer with every movement and thought, "hmmm, wonder what is going through her brain right now?"

Multi-colored Christmas lights hung above her head on the bar's namesake tin roof. I saw her looking up at them as she did her silly, unbalanced back-and-forth stagger as the band played a cover of "Brown Eyed Girl." This was the moment, this was the ticket.

I set a slow 1/40th of a second shutter speed and wide 1.8 aperture with my cheap 50mm lens and panned in an arc motion during the long exposure. The streaking lights must have been the dreadfully tortured sight her eyes beheld. Anyway, it was just fun imagining a second of someone else's life.