Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not Noticed

"Oblivious" by Wes Aldridge

After work, a few of us went for cocktails. Of course, the Canon was in tow. I saw this guy sitting at the end of the bar by himself. He just had this look about him. I wanted to get a natural scene without the subject noticing me taking the shot. It was incredibly dark in there and I was forced to shoot at ISO 1600, hence the large amount of grain in the frame. I sat the camera on the bar and positioned it toward the lone man. I exposed for 0.6 seconds at f/7.1 to let enough light in with my 50mm lens. I snapped the shot. The man never was the wiser and I had another two happy hour beers. It was fun, expecially just knowing the abilities of my camera and lens system to compose and meter the light in the shot without even looking through the viewfinder. I think I am starting to really feel it inside me.