Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Helluva Studio Mural

"Matt's Creation" by WExX

Well, I wanted my studio to be an artistic haven... and Matt Vollman's expertise in graphic design and creativity has really sparked a new element to my working space. This is a photo mosiac that Matt designed for me. In my interpretation, he took the most important inspirational figure, Hunter S. Thompson, and designed this wonderful image.

"Buy the ticket, take the ride..." One of Hunter's greatest quotes. Its a new found philosphy that I think Matt and I have adopted in our creative partnership. It couldn't be more fitting.

You really can't fully appreciate this artistic genious until you see it in person. My ceilings are twelve-feet tall and it only lacks about 3 feet from covering the wall ceiling-to-floor. I am honestly impressed with this piece.

And, this is the portrait of Matt with his art. I think it totally fits the mood of everything, cigarette lit in tow. Matt felt a supreme sense of accomplishment when he was "allowed" to light up in the studio. He said he knew the day would come, he just knew he had to be patient.