Thursday, June 30, 2005

On Assignment: Wausau, Wisconsin-Day Three

"Dells Diver" by Wes Aldridge

Today I visited a place called Dells of the Eau Claire. It was a rock-filled section of the Eau Claire River, just outside of Wausau, Wisconsin. It was very, very interesting. I was able to walk all across the river on these rock formations, and that was pretty awesome.

Anyway, meet Ryan. He is the gentleman diving into the swirling waters of the Eau Claire. What a brave fellow. I wish that could have been me, but alas, I was pushing the shutter button. And, the fine young lady standing above him is Minttu. Yes, that is Minttu. She is from Finland. I would love to go to Finland. Oh well, maybe that is where my photographic expeditions will take me some day.

My general synopsis is this: Wausau is a good place. Things to see and places to go. And above all, it welcomed me here. I felt at home. It has been good.