Thursday, October 27, 2005

On Assignment: Fishers, Indiana-Day Four

"Go Round" by Wes Aldridge

I was shooting for a small section of the magazine tonight at a place called Jonah's Fish Market. The interesting part was, it had a nice collection of fine wines as well. I was trying to get a shot that wasn't totally boring. I shot too much, got a little "outside of the box." I like this one. Slow shutter speed, rear curtain sync flash, spinning the camera during the exposure... elementary stuff, I know.

Oh, and by the by, if anyone is keeping score here besides me, MIND OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER had its 10,000 visit tonight. Right on, think I should celebrate. Anybody got some CheezWhiz and a catapult? Well, I would settle for bottle rockets and a bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.