Monday, May 02, 2005

On Assignment: Rocky Mount, North Carolina-Day One

"Highway Diner" by Wes Aldridge

I was driving, trying to catch a good sunset for the night when the clouds rolled in and really messed up any kind of decent shot I was trying to get for a nice silhouette. I must admit, I was pretty hot about not getting a good sunset shot. I was up for sunrise, which graced me with a 5:30 a.m. wake-up call and hoped to grab a sunset as well. It had been a long and tedious day and missing the sunset put me down.

Luckily, I drove by this great sight and everything started looking up for me. The Highway Diner's neons glowed through the night sky and I knew I had my shot. I really have a soft-spot in my soul for some great looking neons at night. Thanks to the great people at the Highway Diner for letting some strange guy with a camera set up a tripod and take some shots of their awesome place.

This shot was taken at an ultra-wide 16mm, ISO 100 with an exposure time of 2.5 seconds with an aperture of f/22.