Wednesday, February 07, 2007


"Ground" by WExX

Prepping the engine-propelled, cylindrical, aero-flight, two-winged, aluminum death machine in Denver.

"SkyHigh" by WExX

First off, this photo is shit-for-quality. I snapped it with my camera phone while we were aloft. Words cannot describe the tension inside that plane. The lady next to me, with her deep red hair and plastic surgery smile, really creeped me out too.

"Rockies" by WExX

Here is a view of the Rockies that I snapped with the D2X w/ 50mm lens through the window shortly after takeoff.

"Portal" by WExX

I had to point the camera in the direction of the red-haired woman for this shot. She freaked, but I didn't care. I told her to "can it" and she pretty much did.

"4-Leaf" by WExX

It looked like a 4-Leaf clover. It was my luck charm.

"Factory Land" by WExX

Another shot from the plane I like. But, that really doesn't matter. What matters is... I made it to Gillette, Wyoming, without falling from the sky. I was one of 10 passengers on this flying tin can. Not criticizing the airline, the flight wasn't too bad (besides a few sudden drops and some insane turbulance).

Note to self: flying on tiny planes for multiple hours really blows.