Thursday, November 03, 2005

Close Your Eyes, Then The Ugly Things Will Go Away

"Conveniently Blind Eye" by Wes Aldridge

Well, this shot has nothing to do with my story I have to tell. But, I couldn't bring myself to the point of taking a photo of it.

I was driving down Church Street, en route to the HUSLTER Hollywood store to shoot some of the neons on the building. About five cars in front of me, I see taillights and slight swerving. The car hit a pedestrian, a dirty homeless man. He bounced to the street and the car didn't even stop to see how he was. This was during rushour. Each car in front of me passed right by the man, who was lying there motionless and bleeding on the sidewalk. It blew my mind. What a bunch of fucking soul-less assholes. I mean, I do some pretty ruff things, but give me a fucking break... this guy just got smacked by a car and they didn't even stop to see if he was alive or not. They didn't stop because he was homeless.

I pulled up to him and slammed into park with my hazard lights flashing. I literally pulled this man out of the street to avoid being hit by any other vehicles. Right as I almost had him on the sidewalk, a lady wearing a nurse's uniform ran up to me and grabbed his legs and helped me. Then, another nurse stopped by. And yet, within another minute, one more nurse showed up. The scene of the accident was only a few blocks from Baptist Hospital, so that explains that. I called 9-1-1 and paramedics, fire truck and police officer all arrived within 10 minutes of the accident. They took care of the homeless, dirty man and rushed him to the ER.

The homeless, dirty man's name was Andrew. I took the time to find that out because I cared to. Tonight, with all the thousands of people in Nashville, Andrew needed only one to stop and help him live. I am proud to say, that was me. And for all of those people that watched and drove on... fuck you, you worthloss dogshit bastards. Recognize the value of human life, no matter how much better you THINK you are than someone else who is less fortunate.