Monday, October 17, 2005

Wild Run and Rampage Hunt: Fear and Loathing in Nolensville, Tennessee

"The Feed Store" by Wes Aldridge

So tonight, I am still at the office doing a photo database that has to be in by midnight. I took a break and did a wild run to find a shot with the full moon in it. I was having no luck what so ever. I started to fret. Then, I see a sign that says, "Welcome to Nolensville." I had no idea where the hell I was and only hoped for the best.

I was in luck.

I saw this old feed store of some sort, no idea where or what it was. The moon lit it nicely. I threw the camera on the tripod, shot at ISO 400 with a 30 second exposure at f/22. Of course, that is me in the Jesus Christ pose in the shadow in the foreground. Just thought it made it a little more creepy. Right on.