Monday, September 05, 2005

Brother Flame

"Face of Fire" by Wes Aldridge

This is the final image from our excursion in Cloudland Canyon State Park. My brother was kindling the flames of our campfire and it made for a great scene. It was pitch black dark late at night and as I watched him work the fire, all I could see was his slightly lit face and the blazing fire. I think this one has almost a ghostly feeling to it. But it twas no specter, tis the brother of me, merely!

I came back with none of the types of photographs that I had envisioned I would get on this trip. No waterfall shots and barely any nature photographs, but the ones I have brought back are well-pleasing to me in a quite unexpected way. That is one of the most exciting aspects of the world of photography. Many times I think I "know" what I am going to shoot and kind of plan it all out in my head. More times than not, those plans end up changing and the adventure to get the shot begins.