Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On Assignment: Dalton, Georgia-Day Four

"Wink in the Window" by Wes Aldridge

At sunrise I was in historic Dalton, Georgia (some know this as my homeland) trying to get a photograph to go along with a story about revitalization of various downtown areas of cities we are covering in this magazine. I decided to get a shot of the recently restored Wink Theatre. The lights on the marquee were great and it worked perfectly for the article. I got a nicely lit sunset shot with a warm sky and lights burning bright for the story, but I wasn't finished there.

I caught a glimpse of the lights from the marquee reflecting in the hood of a nearby car. I instantly went into artsy photojournalism mode. I wanted to get a cool reflection. Think I found one. This shot was a reflection in the door window of a coffee shop across from the Wink. I thought it was neat so I metered it out, I think it was somewhere around 1/15th at f/2.8 at ISO 400... and of course, I handheld it instead of using a tripod because it felt more spontaneous.

In the shot, I focused on the theatre in the reflection, but in the foreground a white cross hangs from the glass along with a no smoking sign. Not sure if it has some grand subliminal meaning, but I just liked the composition.