Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Precious Anne

"Bestrafe Mich" by Wes Aldridge

There is something beautiful about her. You could see it in her eyes, even as crimson tears flowed down her cheeks. She made punishment seem pleasant. Her face told the stories of years of confusion and she finally was able to clear her mind tonight, to make it all new again. A moment of her simple purity is worth more than a lifetime of my lies. Peace danced around and delicately placed an olive branch on her bare shoulder.

When the Art became as close to perfect completion as we felt possible, we needed a change of scenery. Her cold steel blue convertible Corvette was the key to immediate happiness. She made the engine roar in 3rd as the frigid night air screamed through my hair. She tore around the corner and I looked over to see the moonbeam sparkle a glare from the corner of her right eye, and she smiled. After what seemed like only minutes, we were in the countryside surrounded by pine trees and became a moving part of the rolling hills. The high grass whipped hard as we flew down the two laner, complete with broken yellow line and absent of lamps. It seemed like we were flying by faster than the night, but the needle only read 45. We knew we were free and as long as the tank didn't go dry, we would stay that way. So we drove on, and on, listening to the sounds of night silence that filled the air.

She leaned closer to me and asked in a whisper, "Can you hear it?"


"The stillness... the calm," she replied. "Can you hear Fate's call?"

"Of course. Its been our ear candy all night, right?"

"Then listen closely," she said, as I heard her finger nails click against the switch for the headlights... and then there was darkness. "Lets let the moon show us the way for a while," she said, giggling as she steered with her knees so she could light her Marlboro. I leaned in again and she sparked mine as well.

It may seem insane, but it was perfect for our moment of Fate, right then, right there. I didn't know her name two hours before, and will probably never see her again after this ride. I told her to keep her foot on the gas and we will think about the rest of the world some time later.

The Vette roared like a monster, again, and we were streamlined lost somewhere fading between the night air and a dream.

Some things are just never as they seem, hehe.