Wednesday, April 27, 2005

An Adventure

"Industrial Sunset" by Wes Aldridge

Tonight was a wonderful night for an adventure. With less than an eighth tank of gas, and the sun setting in less than 20 minutes, I set out ot find the shot. I drove downtown, in and around, and about. Ideas came and they went. Nothing seemed to want to work for me. So, I kept my persistency and searched on.

As darkness started to fall, with the sun below the horizon, I kept on looking. The corner of 3rd and Lindsley, East Nashville, West Nashville... nothing still. The sun was diminishing and everything pointed toward me wasting a good sunset.

I was lost at this point. I had just kept following roads to wherever and had no idea where I was now. I see Fisk University and then Tennessee State Univeristy in front of me. I was getting close, and lost as lost can be all the while. I knew mere minutes lasted until last light, but I wasn't afraid I would miss anything and stayed calm. Just then, I saw a building in an industrial setting just over the horizon. I went for it and there found my shot. I have no idea where I was or what the place I was shooting at was, but it was my shot.

This shot was captured with my 70-200 lens at 100 ISO with an aperture of f/32 and a shutter speed of 13 seconds. These settings allowed the lamp lights to create stars and grab the right exposure for last light. It felt good to make an industrial park look beautiful.