Thursday, April 07, 2005

On Assignment: Somerset, Kentucky-Day Three

"Slow and Steady" by Wes Aldridge

What a strange trip today has been.

Money. Greed. Fear. Opportunity. Deception. Realization. Redemption. Fortune. Tragedy. Uneasiness. Destruction. Temptation. Abomination. Frustration. Tranquilization.

Bliss, thank you girl.

Why can’t my life be like that of a turtle, where the only pressing quest is to cross the road without being smashed into oblivion? I guess I am that turtle. I try and cross that road everyday. I will keep the pursuit no matter what steps come in front of me to deter. I will do what is right and valiant, no matter how difficult, and fight the good fight until the sweet ending. My movements toward progress may be slow at times, but I will use my hard shell to guard me and persevere the atrocities before me. With my body tattered and worn, skin old and leathery, I still press on… and I will reach the other side.

Meet me.