Tuesday, August 02, 2005

On Assignment: Ridgeland, Mississippi-Day Two

"The Lions" by Wes Aldridge

I found this statue in a parking lot of a Chinese restaurant when I was on the way to one of my assignments. The catch is, I had driven outside of Ridgeland and into some other city. So, I had to backtrack to get to my assignment, which was pretty cool. I did a portrait of a watercolor and oil painting artist that does natural and nostalgic scenes from around Mississippi.

Anyway, after sundown, I decided to drive back to this statue and take some shots. I did a pretty gigantic exposure on it: 3.2 seconds at f/11. I wanted to hit it with a little flash and really bring out the gold tone in the statue. I think it worked out. I like the icy look from the rippled water at the long exposure. It kind of gives it that glazed over look.

Just wish the restaurant would have been open so I could grab some shrimp fried rice. Yum.